How much does it cost to insure a drone?
Drone Insurance premium start from 100 – onwards, but your coverage cost can go up or down depending on how much liability you need and how much add-on coverage you select.

Should I buy insurance for my drone?
If you are only using your drone for personal use and not business use, there most likely isn’t an obligation to insure your drone. However, accidents do happen with drones, and you may want to protect yourself with liability insurance and damage insurance.

What is the best drone insurance?
The one which can provide coverage for both Public Liability(3rd Party) and Hull/All Risk, with straight forward term and conditions.

Is my drone covered by insurance?
By default when you purchase a drone from a store is normally not covered by any insurance, however depending on your usage and the complex of your operation you should cover the drone with a Public Liability insurance against any 3rd party claims
HULL/All Risk coverage is also recommended for coverage on accident, crash, lighting strike and theft.

Do you need insurance to fly a drone commercially?

Are You Required By Law to Buy Drone Insurance? Best to check the law in the country that you are operating.
There are requirement for a Public Liability Insurance to be made available upon applying for PERMIT TO FLY from the local Civil Aviation Authority.