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A Public Liability policy aims to protect you or your company against any claim for compensation and legal costs you may be legally be liable to pay for bodily injury to anyone (other than employees or contractors under your employ or direction for monetary consideration or in kind) or damage to a third property (other than your own property or property held in trust or on commission) caused by activities of your company.

Example of claims under Public Liability:

You or your agents are carrying out a spraying or fumigation job on a plantation using a drone whose owner allows you to do for a payment of fees and your crew accidentally or negligently damages their plantation or any system and causes massive damage to the plantation and items in it.

They then ask you to pay for the damage by way of repairs or replacement of damaged items plus loss of income due to closure. The Public Liability will defend you against such a claim if it goes to court or settle out of court the claim made by the owner of the plantation.

You are carrying out a fumigation job on a plantation and a lot of curious workers, or even by standers stand by to watch your drones even though you put a cordon around the place, and they get accidentally sprayed on by the chemicals or the drone crashes into them causing injury or even death to them.

They or their beneficiaries demand compensation from you. The Public Liability Policy will defend you against any legal suit and settle the claim made by them

In all cases Public Liability policies carry an excess usually in our policy RM1,500 to RM2,500 each and every loss for property damage only.

What this means if there is a property damage claim for RM1,500 and below or whatever is mentioned as excess in the policy you will have to bear it without asking the Insurance company to pay for compensation. However, let’s say the claim was made for RM100, 000 then The Insurance Company will only pay for RM98, 500 and your company will have to bear the excess of RM1, 500.

Locally this applies for property damage only. For bodily Injury, usually our company does not impose an excess although some do. Most overseas policies apply excess across the board i.e., for both bodily injury as well as property damage…

Example of claims under Public Liability:
  • Liability to Employees & Directors anyone engaged for payment of wages
  • Motor Vehicle Liability
  • Product Liability & Errors & Omissions
  • Property in Insured’s ownership, custody, and control
  • Contractual Liability

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An All Risk/Hull policy aims to protect you Drone and any other attachment connected to it in event of it being lost or damage by any accident or misfortune due to the Fire & Perils such as lightning, Theft by forcible entry or exit from premises, Accidental Damage.

The cover is restricted by way of Memorandum as follows:

It is hereby declared and agreed that this Policy is restricted to cover Fire, Theft and Accidental Damage by External Means

The Exclusions and Warranties to cover are as follows:
  • Fly away losses where drone could not be recovered, and item could not be found
  • Loss or damage of drone from unattended vehicle
  • Water, offshore or weather damage claims. (Can be removed for additional premium)
  • Any claims for electronic failure, breakdown due to wear and tear, manufacturing defect, breakages or derangement, electrical failures, or any claims arising from malfunction due to improper maintenance or neglect in following usage and maintenance specifications.
  • Warranted that the drone must be manned by insured’s qualified and Authorised named operators.
  • Warranted that drone securely kept under lock and key within the Insured premises after each usage
  • Immediate notice be given to Insurer on any claims with police report be made immediately for Theft claims.

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A Pre-Qualification Assessment is a process of certification of the UAV/Drone, its payload, and the operator. This is a compulsory requirement by the Insurance Policy provider (PIB) to cover the applicant. PIB only recognized the assessment that is signed off jointly by VStream Revolution and MUDAS.

The Assessment include the following:
  1. To check and confirm the UAV/Drone and its payload, is fit to fly/operate.
  2. To check and confirm the Operator / Pilot is competent to operate the UAV/Drone in safe and following Malaysian Law, Rules and Regulation.
  3. Recommendation to application on training to qualify for drone insurance coverage

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Training and Certification should the applicant pre-qualification process recommend for the pilot to be trained and certified to qualify for the Drone Insurance Coverage. We provide a comprehensive Drone Training and Certification Course for 3 day.

The Training include the following:

Basic Drone operation training

  1. Rules and Regulation of UAV/ Drone Operation in Malaysia
  2. Safety and Risk Assessment
  3. Introduction to UAV/Drone
  4. Simulation
  5. Flight Operation

Certification from VStream Revolutions and MUDAS

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